Privacy Policy

First Famers & Commercial Bank is committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy to our banking customers regarding the collection and use of our customers’ personal information. Personal information is collected from our customers through their submission of account information. Our detailed privacy policy is detailed below. If you have any additional questions call us at (423) 447-2931.

First Famers & Commercial Bank respects your right to privacy of any information you provide in the form of personal information furnished in connection with your banking business. We will take all necessary precautions to protect such information entrusted to First Famers & Commercial Bank.

The collection of personal information is for the express purpose of assisting First Famers & Commercial Bank in providing you with the products and services you want and need. All personal information collected and stored by the bank is used for specific business purposes: 1) to protect and administer your personal accounts and transactions; 2) to comply with state and federal banking regulations; and 3) to aid the bank in understanding your financial needs in order to design and improve our products and services.

Collection and modification of personal information is controlled by strict security and internal audit controls. Such controls have been put into place to protect your information by identifying which employee(s) has accessed and, in any way, modified, updated, or added to your personal information.

Accuracy concerning your personal information is in the best interests of both you and First Famers & Commercial Bank. You should notify us immediately of any inaccuracies discovered in any personal information. The bank, in turn, will take the necessary steps to correct such inaccurate information.

First Famers & Commercial Bank’s employees are limited in their access to your personal information. Such access is limited to employees who have a business reason for knowing such information. We use security measures such as user name and password for approved bank personnel to have access to your personal information. Audit tracking is provided to further safeguard the privacy of your information.

First Famers & Commercial Bank requires all third parties with a business need to access your personal information to adhere to strict and stringent privacy policies. Personal information may be provided to a third party in order to process a customer transaction; if the customer requests it; the disclosure being required or allowed by law, (e.g., exchange of information with reputable reporting agencies, subpoena, or the investigation of fraudulent activity, etc.), or for marketing purposes of which the customer has been previously informed and has been given the opportunity to decline.

First Famers & Commercial Bank takes very seriously our commitment to ensuring the privacy of our customers’ personal information. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our privacy policy.